Featured Items

Featured Items

Do you take personal checks?

 Yes, we can take personal checks, but the product will not be shipped until the check has cleared.  That usually takes 2 to 5 business days.

 Can I check my order?

  Yes, you can track your order through www.ups.com

Do you accept credit card payments? 

 Yes, we accept Visa, Master Card, and Discover.

  Can I return a product if I don't like it? 

 Yes, you can return a product up to 30 days from the date of the purchase. 

 What if my order is on back order? 

 You can choose another product to be shipped now, wait until the product is stocked and then shipped to you, or get a full refund. 

How is my item shipped? 

Orders will be processed within 1 working day and shipped through UPS ground with receipt within 4 to 7 business days. 

 What if my item is damaged through shipping? 

 The shipper (UPS) should be contacted.



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